Big Toys for Big Boys

In the world today, there is a lot of talk about indulging your inner child. Adults use toys almost as much as children do, and sometimes more. But it may be slightly embarrassing for a grown up to walk into a toy store. It’s so much easier for this kind of shopping to be done online. Some toys are used simply for amusement and decoration, while others have a more functional purpose.

When it comes to lifestyle gadgets, there are about 80 choices available. First, there are model warriors complete with weapons like bazookas and bolas. These robots are about 2 feet tall and are made of shiny electro coated metal to increase their beauty and prevent rust.

If you prefer automotives, you could get the motorcycle models instead. They are mechanically accurate, and can be bought either ready-made or in individual parts for the DIY enthusiast to assemble. Some even come with riders mounted on them. 3D glasses are also popular, and are used to view DVD movie games.

One particularly strange item is the pin artwork device. The gadget contains a 7 inch screen and over 1000 flat headed pins, which you can then arrange to form different pictures. You can also get a PowerPoint remote with an in-built USB receiver and transmitter. Other gadgets include sports watches, musical candles, miniature fans, fisheye cameras, and doorbells.

Toy gadgets are more playful in nature. There are dancing cans, which are made by adding arms, gloved fingers, head phones and sunglasses to soft drink cans and mechanizing them. When switched on, the cans will sing and dance. They run on 2 AA batteries which have to be bought separately.

Air guitar toys consist of the lower part of three guitars, each 21 cm long. The toys have tuning pegs and a few frets, and have infra red sensors, speakers, and 10 pre-loaded songs. The toys have musical keys that you can press while strumming. To strum, you simply pass your fingers over the key and the infra-red sensors will catch the movement.

For simpler games, the Whack-a-mouse key chain can keep you entertained as you try to hit the 7 mice. Insect shaped solar powered toys are available too, with a cockroach and grasshopper option. You can also get a basic toy car or cycle car that runs on solar energy. It’s pretty, fun, and environmentally friendly.

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